17. Why Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid – Caryll’s most commonly used peel in the clinic!  Lactic acid comes from the AHA family – Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Produced naturally in our bodies, it is formulated with science in the lab, derived from milk Continue reading

15. Pigmentation – what is the cause?

Common causes or triggers;

  • UV sun exposure
  • hormone factors
  • trauma and friction
  • medications
  • chemicals when combined with UV e.g. perfumes
  • heat

And so, with this in mind; It’s not that easy to just get rid of pigmentation.
We here at Continue reading

14. Acne scars – how to treat?

When it comes to scars, there are a variety of different scars that occur in skin and therefore a variety of different treatment options, depending on exactly what we are treating!

A common reference to scars is ‘acne scars’. Now, Continue reading

10. KISS ageing skin goodbye!

It’s been hot most of the time over the holiday season and I know all of you have tried so hard to avoid the sun as best as you could.  Don’t forget you can’t live in a bubble and Continue reading

9. Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica known for its accelerated repair and restructuring properties. A bio-stimulant which increases vaso-protection and capillary resistance and stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen.  We are able to use the Mesoestetic, Centella Asiatica ampoule in conjunction with the Continue reading

8. Product spotlight – Retinoate

Caryll’s favourite night time, ‘go to’ choice of an all in one treat after cleansing is Retinoate ????  Eight times more powerful than Retinol without irritation. Encapsulated Retinyl Retinoate – stimulates collagen synthesis and skin cell turnover.

Vitamin E Continue reading