18. SUGAR is not your friend

Along with my love of anti-ageing I find myself often discussing with my clients in consultation what they eat!

Whether treating lack of elasticity, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, pigmentation or open pores a contributing factor to how your skin presents, isn’t Continue reading

17. Why Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid – Caryll’s most commonly used peel in the clinic!  Lactic acid comes from the AHA family – Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Produced naturally in our bodies, it is formulated with science in the lab, derived from milk Continue reading

15. Pigmentation – what is the cause?

Common causes or triggers;

  • UV sun exposure
  • hormone factors
  • trauma and friction
  • medications
  • chemicals when combined with UV e.g. perfumes
  • heat

And so, with this in mind; It’s not that easy to just get rid of pigmentation.
We here at Continue reading

14. Acne scars – how to treat?

When it comes to scars, there are a variety of different scars that occur in skin and therefore a variety of different treatment options, depending on exactly what we are treating!

A common reference to scars is ‘acne scars’. Now, Continue reading

10. KISS ageing skin goodbye!

It’s been hot most of the time over the holiday season and I know all of you have tried so hard to avoid the sun as best as you could.  Don’t forget you can’t live in a bubble and Continue reading

5. Skin Food


Ashleigh’s advice on feeding the skin from within….

I strongly believe, a healthy, glowing complexion comes from within. I have suffered with acne from an early age and over the years I have learnt a lot about the strong Continue reading

1. Is your skin a grape or a sultana?

1. Is your skin a grape or a sultana?

No doubt, if you are reading this newsletter you have some form of concerns with ageing. At this time of year, with the air cooler and less moisture, we are generally seeing our clients skin looking and feeling tired, dull Continue reading