What to expect from a Consultation

“IPL Skin ResQ is about achieving beautiful skin. We work in conjunction with our clients home care and clinic treatments to achieve the desired outcome of healthy skin. There is no magical potion; it is about knowing how to put the right combination of skincare and treatments together for each individual client and establishing a plan that keeps your skin healthy for the long term.”  Caryll Wiggers

So what happens when you have a consultation with an IPL Skin ResQ Clinician?

An initial skin consultation usually takes at least an hour. After establishing your main concerns, the clinician uses our imaging software device that shows the damage that sits up to 2mm below the surface of your skin. “Nobody likes seeing these photos of our own skin but it allows us to visualise the real condition of your skin and enables us to determine how we are going to get it healthy again,” says Caryll. “From this we can also look at how to prevent future problems from occurring.”

After discussing with you, your lifestyle and goals, a treatment plan will be formulated that is designed to work best for you. “Safety is number one at IPL Skin ResQ. We spend a great deal of time with you discussing your lifestyle, health concerns and any medical conditions, all of which could affect the treatment results.”  If necessary test patches are also performed.

The clinicians will also address skincare so if you are confused by all the products available on the market today, IPL Skin ResQ will point you in the right direction. At IPL Skin ResQ we only use and prescribe medical grade, cosmeceutical skincare. Our clinicians are experts in individualising the right products for you to use. “The right skincare can be as effective as any treatment. It’s like seeing your personal trainer for a session and eating junk food. You will still get a result but if you were to eat healthy food, you will get a great result and keep it for longer. Our skincare advice is the same.”

At the conclusion of the appointment you will receive a folder of information about your skin, photos and your treatment options.

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