Skin Tightening

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Would you like to improve your appearance by ridding your body of excess folds or sags? We have the perfect solution to cater to your needs with our ‘Radio Frequency’ or RF skin tightening services in Perth. We understand that loose and saggy areas of your face and body can have a dramatic impact on your self-esteem and can often be hard to get rid of once they appear. Luckily, we offer an effective treatment that can provide clients with amazing results minus the fuss.

So what actually is ‘RF’?

This advanced method uses a unique form of radio frequency energy to tighten loose or sagging areas in the face and body. A revolutionary way to lose inches without diet, exercise or surgery, it is widely thought to be one of the safest currently available on the dermal therapy market, with minimal side effects and FDA approval. Our skin tightening treatments are safe for all ages and skin types and are completed without an incision or recovery time.

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How do our skin tightening treatments work?

Just like our other services, including IPL hair removal and fat reduction procedures, all of our RF tightening appointments are conducted by our team of qualified staff. The radio frequency energy uniformly heats the inner layer of the skin, also known as the dermis, while cooling and protecting the outer layer. It is designed to tighten deeper layers while helping to initiate the production of new collagen, which occurs over a period of time. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, RF tightening is instantly noticeable and requires no recovery time.

Our experienced and professional dermal therapists know how to get the best quality from each one of your sessions. The best part is that the procedures conducted by our Perth clinic are pain-free, with some clients likening it to a hot-stone massage.

If you are after relaxing and comfortable treatments that provide consistent and reliable results, contact our team today on 08 9367 3003 to book a consultation.

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