So what happens when you have a consultation with our Director, Caryll at Skin ResQ?

An initial skin consultation usually takes at least an hour. After establishing your main concerns, Caryll uses our imaging software device that shows the damage that sits up to 2mm below the surface of your skin.

“Nobody likes seeing these photos of our own skin but it allows us to visualise the real condition of your skin and enables us to determine how we are going to get it healthy again,” says Caryll. “From this we can also look at how to prevent future problems from occurring.”

After discussing with you; your lifestyle and goals, a treatment plan will be formulated that is designed to work best for you. “Safety is number one at Skin ResQ. We spend a great deal of time with you discussing your lifestyle, health concerns and any medical conditions, all of which could affect the treatment results.”  If necessary test patches are also performed.

Caryll will also address skincare so if you are confused by all the products available on the market today, she will point you in the right direction. At Skin ResQ we only use and prescribe medical grade, cosmeceutical skincare. Caryll is an expert in individualising the right products for you to use. “The right skincare can be as effective as any treatment. It’s like seeing your personal trainer for a session and eating junk food. You will still get a result but if you were to eat healthy food, you will get a great result and keep it for longer. Our skincare advice is the same.”

At the conclusion of the appointment you will receive a folder of information about your skin and your treatment options.


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Professional, experienced, friendly, quality products and Caryll’s attention to detail is why I recommend IPL-Skin ResQ to all my friends and family.

Absolutely amazing!! the girls are so kind and made me feel so welcome! and the IPL treatment worked amazing on my stubborn hairs! could not recommend them enough

Sarah Brown

I came home today....I haven’t been treated by Caryll for a couple of months and today’s facial was beyond awesome. I felt all gooey and relaxed at the end. The results were just brilliant. Caryll is like the friend you are always blessed to catch up with. Her expertise and manner are beyond professional. She makes you feel so relaxed and pampered. Love love love IPL Skin Resq.. Thanks Caryll.. see you soon

Jane O’Brien

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